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Blog Which Can Eternal Lie… And LotFP

Yeah, it is not dead. Not yet anyway, so enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully, it will take some time before Stygian Archives fall dormant again (i.e. before I stop posting again). That said, if you have any ideas for maintaining blogger-motivation, please put them in the comments.

I recently started game-mastering two games for two different groups (although both are based around the same bar) using – and that’s the important part – James Raggi’s awesome Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Grindhouse Edition). I do use my own house-rules (as most people do) and we don’t really play the weird fantasy game James describes in the referee book, but still, the LotFP rules, presentation and ideas are great inspiration for us. If you haven’t heard about this game, do google up a more wholesome review of it and check it out. It is worth the try.

Of course, most of the content I generate now is based on the LotFP rules. Not that they are too different from odnd, except for the ascending AC and d6 based specialist skills (rolling skill or less on d6 to succeed). Just so you know.

Ok, enough about me and my new obsessions, let’s do something interesting.


Bohemian Gaming 1

By now, it must be apparent from my writing  that I’m not a native English speaker. A missing article here, a strange phrasing there and it becomes rather obvious. I come from Czech Republic where I’ve lived most of my life. I learned some English from the shaman of our tribe and then practiced it with salt-traders who came to the cave complex every month or so to trade salt and steel for deepfish, gems and ore.

But seriously. I come from a bit different (gaming) culture. In Czech Republic, we had our retro-clones even before DnD was retro. Czech mutation of DnD called DrD (Dračí doupě) first came out in 1990 and was so heavily inspired by the original that it even had the same layout as the BECMI basic set. But Dungeons and Dragons itself, the fabled original, was all but unavailable in Czech Republic at the time. It had about it a mythical air of perfection from beyond the sea, especially when the magical word Advanced was added to its name. Of course, that was in the years after the revolution before we caugh up with the rest of the world and discovered global culture and the internet.

I still remember how I got my ADnD books from a small shop in the capital city  in 1997 and started playing with my classmates. It was my first English roleplaying game and, although I sporadically played Dračí Doupě before, it was also the first RPG I played regulary. Only then I started to explore the Czech gaming community.

This is what Bohemian Gaming is going to be about. It will be series of articles about how it went in Czech Republic, as I experienced it.

As Good a Reason As Any

There has always been something about roleplaying games that fascinated me. The notion of imaginary worlds, cultures and species that just wait to be explored stirred my imagination and I could not help but daydream of the adventurous world of “what if”.

Recently, my own gaming has become so episodic that these destitute children of my mind have nowhere to go and fade to the Oblivion. This blog is to be a sort of an idea-orphanage. And should any of the good readers find inspiration in it, I will be even happier.

I believe it will become obvious I was inspired by several great sites, especially by the awesome Ancient Vaults which came with the great idea of connecting various setting elements using a loose story with reappearing protagonists (an idea which I liked so much that I employed it as well).

Welcome to Stygian Archives.