Spell: Finding Stone

Osborn the Ranger looked at the small pile of stones and scowled. “Really? This is going to help us find the spot again?” He scratched his short-cropped hair and looked around. The slope where their buried their findings was covered in stones and pebbles that were undistinguishable from the ones his friend just used to build the tiny pile at their feet.

“Look, I see you haven’t recovered from the hit to the head I dealt you when we fought with those accursed swords. I think that maybe burying the treasure wasn’t such a great idea after all.

Vilas the Half-elf looked at him, picked up one of the stones from the pile and started walking away.

“Do you even listen to me you foo…”

Vilas dropped the stone. Against every expectation, the stone didn’t roll down the slope. Instead it kept bouncing towards the pile until it landed on it. 

“…oh.” said Osborn.

Level: Magic-User, level 2

Range: touch

Duration: one year

This spell enchants a pile of rocks or similar small objects so, that any piece that is taken from it will bounce in its direction when dropped within 2 miles of the pile (as long as there are enough pieces left to constitute “a pile”). This spell is particulary useful when marking location of treasure hoard or just for keeping track of directions.


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