Magic Item: Linkstone

Pick reached his mount and turned around, one last time, to look at the mill and the ruined water wheel in the dim light of breaking dawn. After a while the apprentice, satisfied with the effect of his work, clucked to his horse and made for the road. The millstone pendant swung under his shirt on its leather cord as the words of the skinny, hungry-looking water spirit resounded in his ears: “I will always remember your deed, mage. Here, so you can remember me.” 

This inconspicuous item is actually a very powerful magic and any mage who comes into posession of one of these can consider himself lucky. Linkstone can only  be made by someone of great spiritual power who is connected to the mage for whom it is made by bond of gratitude, love or hate. As the name suggests, linkstone represents this link between the mage and the creator.

In pinch, mage can use his linkstone to draw upon the power of its creator and recall a spell of 3rd or lesser level that he has already cast that day. This returns the spell into mage’s memory and turns the link unusable for (level of the spell) days.  Also every time the linkstone is used in this fashion there is 10% chance it will be destroyed.

Creation of a linkstone is no small thing, as it represents a strong and potentionally dangerous spiritual connection to the creator.


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