Spell: Hypnotic Stare

Tariq charged. Two of the guards lurched at him, but he zig-zagged between them and raced towards Rashid.  Grim smile appeared on former captain’s face. The vizier had not realized how desperate men think and that would be his undoing. He saw the surprise in the eyes of his enemy and for a moment felt immense satisfaction. Then Rashid’s eyes changed, grew, enveloped him and made him forget. Tariq suddenly forgot his attack, his hatred, everything…

Level: Magic User, Level 1

Range: anyone who can see the whites of Magic User’s eyes

Duration: up to 1 turn

With this spell the Magic User locks eyes with one intelligent target and makes him stop in his tracks. Unless the target makes a saving throw (at penalty equal to Magic User’s Charisma modifier), he is paralyzed, dumbly staring into Magic User’s eyes. This spell can be mantained for as long as the eye-contact is mantained and Magic User concentrates on it (which means he cannot cast spells, defend etc.) but no longer than 1 turn. Also, any harm done to the entranced target will break the spell. This spell will not affect target with more than 4 HD.


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