Magic Item: Twin Blades

“Well, I’m sick of it. Do you know what they call us back in town?” said Vilas the Halfelf arching his eyebrow. “They call us the Ravens. And rightfully so, for, remind me, when was the last time that we ventured onto the Road and into the Forest and did not stumble over a dead body?”

Osborn shrugged and kept silent. Where the redheaded ranger was tall, lean and talkative, he was short, stocky and taciturn. And yes, as of recently, they both have developed a rather unusual knack for finding dead people. This time, there were two. 

It seemed that they came to the clearing together, set up the camp, started a fire and then casually proceeded to slaying each other. The one they found first was pinned to the trunk of an ancient oak with a longsword that run through his chest, but he still gripped his own weapon – a twin blade of the one that killed him.

They found the other man kneeling half-way to the camp. He died of blood loss trying to tie his belt around the stump of his right hand. Osborn guessed, from the position of man’s scabbard,  that it was his sword-hand and that the pinned man had cut it off as he got run through.

“I’m taking the blade.” Vilas informed him, already trying its balance. “You’ll have to pull yours from the tree, I’m afraid.”

Long time ago, when men still worshipped reptiles and newborn children were already able to speak, there lived two princes, twins, who were to inherit the greatest empire of that time. The snake folk of Ulan presented the twins with two identical swords called Zenith and Nadir. Each sword was over three feet long with cloudsteel blade and razor-sharp edge. These were the swords that the brothers eventually killed each other with during the civil war that ended their empire. And since that time, Zenith and Nadir continue that fight.

Zenith and Nadir are both +1 magical longswords. And both are cursed. Whoever has one of the blades in his possession starts having strange dreams about snakes, blood and revenge. Each sword subtly works at getting its master close to whomever carries its twin. When both the swords are drawn within sight of each other, they take over and compel their masters to fight to the death.  They will fight until one of them dies or both are unable to continue fighting.


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