Magic Item: Rug Trap

Barber was unhappy. Usually it was he who produced some obscure piece of magical paraphernalia to save the day or at least vex his foes. Now, thought the mage, he was on the proverbial other end of the stick.

His feet and ankles already turned into embroidery and he kept sinking into the rug that he so foolishly stepped on. Around him the swords rang as Tariq and his men fought the vizier’s guards. And he was helpless –  sinking into the damned quicksand carpet.

“I’m too young to become a wall decoration.” said the mage glumly as he sunk into the carpet up to his waist.

This 6′ to 3′ rug is expertly crafted with line of elegant oriental writing running along its borders. Whoever steps on the carpet must make a saving throw or be drawn into the fabric in 1-3 rounds, becoming an embroidered representation of themselves. Once the rug is “full” it won’t trap anyone else until its prisoner is released.

While in the rug, the captured can hear and see, but cannot move or speak. They need no food or water and do not age. Releasing someone from the rug is accomplished by uttering a command word that is inscribed in the oriental writing adornig the carpet (deciphering of which is no easy task) or by casting Dispel Magic.


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