Spell: Anabasis

“We won’t be ale to catch up with the villain before he reaches the security of his ship!” wailed Tariq, his dark face full of disappointment. He gave his companion a thoughtful look, saying “We won’t unless you can work your magic and turn us into birds to fly over the desert.”

Barber, the Mage, red-faced from sunburn, winced – he hated desert. He hated the heat, the sand, the sun… yet he owed his life to the former soldier and also sympathized with his desire to avenge his sister.

“I am only initiate of the Art, turning men into birds is beyond my ability. However, while in the caliph’s library, I have prepared for contingencies .”


Spell Level: Magic-User, 1st Level

Range: Touch

Duration: 1 day of travel

With this spell, the Magic-User empowers himself and up to a number of other creatures equal to his level so that they can endure forced march without need for a check, also, their speed will be as if they were unencumbered. The only condition is, that the direction of their travel must be from a coastline into the interior of the country. There is mirror-spell called Katabasis, which works reversely (i.e. from the interior to the sea).


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