Magic Item: Thrombobezoar

“Shouldn’t we be more interested in the head that ran off, than the body that lies obviously devoid of life?” inquired the stocky ranger as he nervously watched the treeline for any sort of spidery movement.

“Yes, Osborn, we will. But we can spare a moment to gain some… compensation for the reward we won’t be getting for the poor lad killed by the strix.” With a disgusted look on his face Vilas the Halfelf wrigled his hand in the hole he cut in the pale belly of the headless carcass until he finally pulled it out, and with it a small egg-like stone glistening with blood.

“See? This bauble will fetch us a handsome price from the mages at the Observatory.”

Also called blood bezoar, his coppery red stone with surface rippling with curious patterns is a byproduct of a diet based on humanoid blood. It can be found in the bodies of blood drinking monsters such as vampire or fthinoporinostrix and it is greatly prized by alchemists and mages.

Whoever finds the courage to swallow the stone finds that it has several interesting qualities. Firstly, it makes its host crave rawer meats and even blood. Secondly, it helps to heal wounds its host sustains while the bezoar is in his belly. For every hit point worth of intelligent humanoid blood drunk (or for every two points of animal blood) the bezoar immediatelly heals one hit point of damage.

There are however several dark rumors that circulate about the blood bezoar, all of which tend to reach the poor experimentator only after he has ingested the said stone. Some say, that the bezoar is an egg that can reach only its first stage of evolution in the body of its first host and needs another living being to hatch. Others speak of dreams of blood and slaughter, that drive the host mad. And maybe the most important of all the rumors, the stone won’t leave the body on its own, it needs to be cut out.


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