Magic Item: Blackgammon

“There is a way to get our revenge on the vizier, Tariq.” said Barber the Mage. He wore gold embroidered black kaftan and his face was burnt red. The sun in these parts made his skin itch and blister and peel off in scales so he had to hide from it during the day. Yet this one forray to the market was fully worth the sunburn. The mage casually gesticulated towards the table, where a black iron box lay.

“You have a reputation as a rather competent backgammon player, I believe…”

Athough the black iron box looks crude and shows signs of rough handling on the outside, when opened, it reveals beautifully crafted backgammon board inlaid with mother-of-pearl striped with spikes of black iron that attracts metal. Fifteen and fifteen stones are semi-precious gems of red and blue encased in silver-gray filigree of an unknown alloy. Curiously twisted dice seem to be carved from bone, their pips are tiny garnets. The set is beautiful, yet it has an eerie feeling about it, as if it was not meant to be in possession of a living man.

Whoever plays a game of backgammon using this set and loses will die within two days. A saving throw at a penalty might be permissible at referee’s discretion.

The origin of the set is shrouded in mystery, as it often is with magical trinkets. However, first of its rumored owners was the infamous Assassin King, who is said to be hunting for his treasures far and wide even after his demise.


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