As Good a Reason As Any

There has always been something about roleplaying games that fascinated me. The notion of imaginary worlds, cultures and species that just wait to be explored stirred my imagination and I could not help but daydream of the adventurous world of “what if”.

Recently, my own gaming has become so episodic that these destitute children of my mind have nowhere to go and fade to the Oblivion. This blog is to be a sort of an idea-orphanage. And should any of the good readers find inspiration in it, I will be even happier.

I believe it will become obvious I was inspired by several great sites, especially by the awesome Ancient Vaults which came with the great idea of connecting various setting elements using a loose story with reappearing protagonists (an idea which I liked so much that I employed it as well).

Welcome to Stygian Archives.


3 responses to “As Good a Reason As Any

  • bat

    Very nice start!
    I am very flattered to be mentioned as an inspiration.
    Keep going! I am interesting in seeing what you have for us!

  • Gavin

    Hey Conlai, I totally know what you mean about these imaginary orphans needing a place to go! That’s a good way of putting it. I’m lucky enough to have a regular, albeit small, gaming group at the moment, so my orphanage isn’t too full 😉

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